SEO website audit and the comprehensive check list made by affordable SEO pros

SEO website audit and the comprehensive check list made by affordable SEO pros


SSL certificate in a business website is necessary today to boast tall security standards and in turn to impress the visitors to the site. So the security standards in one such site is of the tallest standards on par with excellence. And this particular fact is well known to most of the tech savvy users today. They are looking for some vital points that are important to note before they go for a purchasing decision. SSL is one of the important considerations for the buyers always to enter into the buying mode.

If the payment transactions are not secured then that can be a limitation for a buyer to delete the process of purchase. Even while using the services of the website, the authenticity of the site information and the content is more often trusted better by the user only based upon these kinds of certifications. So if a business website do not have SSL certificate then it is necessary for an SEO to emphasize on this particular fact to the business site owner.

Adding breadcrumbs to your pages can also work. In order to know how to do this, you need to first know more about E-Commerce. Especially, for The E-Commerce sites, adding breadcrumbs make a lot of sense. For that, you need to first create a structure well within the site. Yes, the online stores where the products are being sold in different categories of pages will need to have a better presentation. The product pages must be clear. However, it is sure that the category pages will also have to rank higher.

For that. You need to optimize the categorical pages also with relevant keywords. Now the breadcrumbs can help you in this particular strategy. This can consolidate the overall strength of the categorical pages, by linking all these pages with the subcategories related to the particular products. If you are going to use the best of the customer’s friendly CMS solutions then this can be pretty easier. Nowadays most of the templates are also coming with breadcrumbs. So while selecting your particular template for web designing you needs to see if the bread crumbs are already available with that selection.

Search on the web for your CMS platform that also have extension modules with breadcrumbs plug-in. This is more important in 2019. It means you get an added advantage for your affordable SEO work. On a customer platform, you may want to establish your coding knowledge to the crawlers. However, a programmer must be completely able to do it at a faster rate without spending too much time money or efforts. This can be done by prompt selection of templates for the site. Another important aspect is nothing but the implementation of traceability in your site.

It is easily possible to track websites today. If you are not able to track the traffic on the rankings for your side then you may not be able to spot any problems with your website at any point of time. You may assume that the site is completely functional and getting regular visitors as well. At the same time without your notice, the site maybe declining in its rankings and traffic level. So it is necessary for you to get the constant updates about the rankings and the traffic.


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