Benefits of Using Micro SD Cards on Your Smartphone

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Benefits of Using Micro SD Cards on Your Smartphone
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If you are looking for a better storage solution for your mobile phone, consider getting a MicroSD card in UAE instead of a full-size SD card. These cards have many advantages over the full-size card, including a cheaper price, higher read/write speed, and compatibility with video. Read on to discover the other benefits of microSD cards for your smartphone. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of microSD cards before purchasing them.
Cheaper than full-size SD cards:
If you’re on a budget, a Micro SD card can save you a great deal of money. While full-size SD cards tend to cost more, Micro SDs can be considerably cheaper. For example, a 256GB Pioneer microSD costs about Dh 27 compared to Dh 30 for a smartphone. And if you want maximum storage capacity, you’ll want a 1TB Lexar PLAY. This card costs Dh 160 and can store 200,000 photos and 500 hours of high-definition video.
Faster read/write speeds:
MicroSD cards come in different speeds and capacities. Depending on their type, you can choose between UHS-I and UHS-III. UHS-I cards are the most common, while UHS-II cards are less common and might not be supported by your device. The write/read speed displayed on the microSD card’s label is listed as the sustained rate in MB/s, and it is also referred to as the class rating. For example, a class-ten card has a minimum sustained writing speed of 10MB/s.
Large storage capacity:
When it comes to storage capacity, micro SD cards are an excellent option for smartphones and other electronic devices. The largest card that is currently available in 256GB, but larger capacities will come in the future. The average chip can store up to 32GB of data, though most data is compressed, including music, videos, and photos. Even if you’ve exceeded your micro SD’s maximum capacity, you can still get a lot more with the SDHC standard.
Compatible with video:
Several factors determine which Micro SD cards are compatible with video recording. MicroSD cards are not always the same, which is why it is important to check the maximum capacity supported by your device. The SD Association uses a standardized video speed class rating to identify cards that support recording video at eight megapixels per second (Mbps), four megapixels per second (Mbps), and three degrees per side (360deg). The V60 and V90 microSD cards are two of the fastest on the market, but they may not be appropriate for recording 8K and 3D videos.