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Today, robots are used in a wide variety of applications. Using artificial intelligence in the design of industrial robots can promote a culture of teamwork and learning environments that suit diverse talent. They are even helpful for students with learning disabilities, as the ASK NAO robot was designed to help autistic students with language difficulties. As technology advances, human and robot interaction will be improved.

Affordable and useful for niche tasks:

One of the major applications of robotics is transportation. It is much easier to design and build a robot for transportation than a robot interacting with humans. Also, recent advances in hardware and algorithms have made it more convenient to design and program vehicles. These robots are becoming more popular as they become increasingly affordable and useful for niche tasks. The advantages of these automated machines outweigh the disadvantages of hiring a human worker.

Safety is a major factor:

Safety is one of the biggest advantages of robotics. Humans are highly susceptible to injury while working around heavy machinery, hot objects, and hot temperatures. Therefore, delegating such jobs to robots reduces the risk of a lawsuit. In addition, employees who have dangerous jobs will appreciate the absence of these risks. Moreover, it is easier to program and control robots, which means it is easier to train the robots than people.

Robots can perform various tasks:

As technology improves, so do robots. General-purpose robots can now be programmed to perform dangerous, dirty, and repetitive tasks. These machines can perform various tasks, including threading needles, assembling electronic devices, and more. Higher precision robotics will allow these machines to do more delicate jobs. They will thread a needle, thread a sewing needle, and even assemble highly complex electronic devices in short time.

Ability to collaborate with humans:

Automation is a huge boon to human and machine interaction. A robot can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. It can be programmed to carry out a range of tasks among these. The main benefit of robots is their ability to collaborate with humans in a wide variety of situations. They are better at crunching numbers and moving objects accurately, but humans are better at reasoning, generalizing, and drawing on prior experiences. So, these are the genuine reasons behind the popularity of robots in the world.

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