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When using cloud storage, it is important to consider the internet connection. You do not want to store data on the cloud if you do not have a good connection. If you have no internet, you will not have access to your files. A slow or interrupted connection is equally problematic. The interruption will delay your operations, which will send your productivity into a slump. It is important to check whether your current internet connection can support cloud storage before switching. Many people also use a backup connection if their primary one goes down.

Be wary of cloud storage service’s security policies:

It is important to be wary of a cloud storage service’s security policies. There have been numerous breaches, including a major breach at Dropbox in 2012 in which 68 million user passwords were leaked. Most cloud storage services employ zero-knowledge encryption, which only allows you to decrypt the data. Some providers have implemented a policy that scans uploaded files for policy violations.

Use strong encryption:

You should always use strong encryption for files stored in the cloud. If you use a service that uses SSL for data encryption, you should always make sure it’s up to date. You should also check whether your data is encrypted or not. In general, cloud storage services will encrypt your data at all times. If you are unsure what encryption algorithms are used, you can ask the provider.

Be sure to check whether that person has permission to view it:

Most cloud storage services allow you to share files. Public sharing means that anyone who links a file can get it. If you are sharing an event plan or diagram with another person, be sure to check whether that person has permission to view it. It is also important to conduct periodic audits of your files. For example, if you don’t use a certain file anymore, set a calendar reminder to delete it. This will prevent unwanted access and free up additional space as well.

Consider security:

In addition to privacy, security is an essential factor in storing data in the cloud. Although cloud storage is great for many businesses, it is not without risk. Some cloud storage providers will scan your files for policy violations and delete them without your knowledge. However, it is vital to check if these services use zero-knowledge encryption to secure your data.

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